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Several recent Meg mentions

Sep 15, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offgeneral, gossip, Ithaca

While Meg Ryan has been filming scenes for the indie movie ‘Fan Girl’ the past weeks, she has been mentioned in several stories about ‘Ithaca’. First a story from Newsadvance.com about an extra in the movie:

Olivia Dodson, 40, has always been an artsy person. Last month, the Amherst resident appeared as an extra in Meg Ryan’s directorial debut, “Ithaca,” filmed in Petersburg. It was Dodson’s first time as an extra in any film. “The best part of Ithaca was … you have all these legends from Hollywood that are so hands-on and so professional. You hear about people from movies having tantrums and having demands and it just wasn’t like that,” Dodson said.(…)

The following Thursday, Dodson arrived to the set and was able to get an up-close look at a woman who ordinarily can be seen on the silver screen. Dodson’s impression of Ryan differed from criticism in tabloids. “When I saw her and she was an inch from me she looked like a perfect little pixie,” Dodson said. “She was 52 and looked 32.” The actress also displayed a conscientious attitude toward her cast and was careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings; after a shoot, Ryan would yell “Fantastic!” “Incredible!” Dodson said. “If she had to say something about someone, she was very nice to everyone.” (…) READ MORE HERE

Also, there has been an auction of several items used for filming the movie Ithaca this past Sunday, with part of the money being donated to the Legacy Media Institute’s upcoming International Film Festival in Petersburg. You can read more about it at their Petersburg PickersFacebook page and their website.

And today the Times-Dispatch has a Meg-mention about her promoting Petersburg Virginia as a possible place to film to Disney.

TY also for the alerts re: the Meg Ryan – Tom Hanks ‘story’ from the National Enquirer. It is nothing but 100% nonsense though. For facts instead of fiction, go [here] and previous posts…Meg is obviously the one who has been doing just fine the past 3 months…not that we should expect anything else from the NE dramaqueens, who managed to write [this] piece early August…

Meg and Daisy leaving a hotel

Sep 13, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, jack & daisy

New photos of Meg and daughter Daisy, waiting for their car after exiting the Greennwich hotel in TriBeCa early Thursday morning. Click on the screenshot for three pictures and [CLICK HERE FOR FIVE MORE PIX]!


Filming scenes for ‘Fan Girl’ in Westbury

Sep 6, 2014 • by admin • Comments OffFan girl, movies

Meg Ryan has been shooting some scenes for an indie movie called ‘Fan Girl’ on Long Island this week. The Westbury times has an article on it with two photos [HERE]:

Post Avenue turned into a movie set last night as film crews came to The Space to shoot Fangirl, an upcoming movie starring Meg Ryan.

Residents and local shop owners stood nearby to watch as Ryan, sporting her signature pixie cut, stood in front of the Space talking to costars. Someone called “quiet on set,” and cameras rolled as Ryan walked out of the theater talking a male costar. The two then got into a limo parked in front of the theater. Crews will continue to shoot Friday afternoon on Post Avenue.

And [here] is more general information on the project, based on a book. Not sure what part Meg has in it, next to actresses Kiernan Shipka, Kara Hayward and singer Alex Gaskarth.

Film crews have one again descended on Port Washington.

On Wednesday, Irma Avenue outside Coffeed, the popular coffee shop, was abuzz with lights and cameras. The crew was filming “Fangirl,” according to a source familiar with the independent project.

The young-adult novel, “Fangirl,” by Rainbow Rowell, tells the tale of twin teenage sisters about to enter college. One writes fan fiction about the hearth-throb Simon Snow, the other has moved on. To add to the drama, the girls are coping with a dad who suffers from manic spells, and a mom who has resurfaced after walking away from the family 10 years earlier. (…)

Go [HERE] or click on the collage below to be forwarded to our Facebook page where you can find more pictures from the movieset in today’s and yesterday’s posts.


Out and about with Daisy in NYC

Sep 2, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offcandids, gallery, jack & daisy

Meg Ryan and daughter Daisy were pictured yesterday afternoon, having a good time in Soho, NYC. Love their matching cute ‘Chick Pea’ t-shirts!

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Throwback Thursday: Meg and Rob Reiner

Aug 28, 2014 • by admin • Comments Off#tbt, when harry met sally

It’s thursday and about time for another throwback thursday #TBT post! Yesterday @thisisnotp0rn, who has so many wonderful rare celebrity photos from the past decades, posted this photo of Meg Ryan and Rob Reiner doing a little dance on the set of When Harry Met Sally back in 1988.


People Magazine: #FAIL

Aug 28, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offgossip, magazines

First up: TY, Simone, for sending me this article! There used to be a time when People Magazine reigned supreme amongst the entertainment and gossip magazines. That was a long time ago and the magazine has been on the fast-track downhill for the past years, but did they really have to prove that again?LOL!

On the cover the magazine ‘promises’ to take us ‘inside Meg Ryan’s split’, but in the short article inside they have absolutely zero information to back that claim up. They clearly are clueless as to what happend and when it happened. They failed to do research and used fake ‘sources’. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

My ‘favorite’ part is the opening paragraph of the article though: “Meg Ryan has always kept a low profile on the tiny island of Chappaquiddick where she spends her summers. But this year she was even less on the scene there and in neighbouring Martha’s Vinyeard, skipping her regular coffee run (…) and bypassing (…) an eatery she has frequented in years past with her daughter Daisy. Stopping by MorningGloryFarm on her bicycle on Aug 24, she stuck to her polite-but-dont-ask-me-for-a-selfie mode. Says clerk Mira Vasiljevic: “she was very nice and seemed happy.”

Yeah, gee, People Magazine, ya think perhaps the reason for Meg Ryan being ‘invisible’ on the scene there this summer untill last weekend is because she has not spent a single day there since May (!!),as she has been working non-stop prepping and directing a movie until last Friday?! Of course, the magazine completely lacks more interesting info like oh say, the split already happened 3 months ago, long distance not being the reason, this not exactly being the first time she ended it, her buying an apartment in Soho last year. Rant over.

Meg Ryan’s ‘new’ Soho apartment!

Aug 27, 2014 • by admin • Comments Offgeneral, meg ryan

Meg Ryan bought a large apartment in the Soho neighbourhood of NYC back in 2013. She bought the apartment from fellow-actor and friend Hank Azaria for 8 million dollars already over a year ago. Hank and Meg both did the voicework for the animated movie Anastasia back in 1997.

The Soho apartment is located on Mercer Street, in a six-story building that was constructed in 1884 as a store and loft building, replacing what was once the largest and most luxurious hotel in the world, the St. Nicholas Hotel. Meg’s new home is on the fifth floor, has roughly 4,100 sq.ft of space, 12 feet high ceilings througout and large windows at the front and back.

Elle Decor Magazine had an article on the apartment a few years ago, when Hank Azaria still owned it. You can see the article [HERE] at their website. It probably looks very different these days though. Meg is known for completely remodeling, renovating and redecorating her homes after she buys them. See her gorgeous former Bel-Air mansion [HERE], which she sold for over 11 million dollars in 2012, and her current vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard [HERE], which she bought back in 2006 for roughly 6 million dollars.

Updated: Tom Hanks in Richmond to film scenes for ‘Ithaca’

Aug 20, 2014 • by admin • Comments OffIthaca, movies, tom hanks

Yay! Tom Hanks has been in Richmond Va. for the past couple of days to film some scenes for Meg’s movie Ithaca. Word is Tom will make an appearace as the late husband of Meg’s character. Can’t wait to see if they have a scene together or if it is just him! Filming is taking place during the day and evening at the historic Tree Hill Farm outside of Richmond. Read more about it [here] at the CBS6 website and check our previous posts for more photos and video!

*updated 08-21* Looks like today and tomorrow will be the last days of filming ‘Ithaca’, moving the production back to Petersburg Va, and then it’s a wrap!

ETA: if you love Tom Hanks – and really, who doesn’t?! – be sure to download his free typewriter app for your iPad, the Hanx Writer!

Ten photos from the set of ‘Ithaca’

Aug 14, 2014 • by admin • Comments OffIthaca, movies

CBS6 also posted ten pictures today, taken by Les Lindsey, showing pictures of Meg at work on set and some of the cast and crew. Click [HERE] or on the screencap below to be forwarded to their website, then scroll down to visit the gallery.


Filming near Richmond has started

Aug 14, 2014 • by admin • Comments OffIthaca, movies, video

A story from CBS6 about filming of Ithaca now taking place in the Richmond area, after filming wrapped up in Petersburg earlier this week.